Monday, October 13, 2008

I try to get caught up, and then don't blog anything for weeks and get so far behind I don't even want to get on my computer. I've decided to start with today and the when I have time fill in the missing 3 months. (which were filled with tons and tons of great memory's, we had a fun family vacation, holidays, lots of summer fun.. hopefully I'll make the time to post all the events.) The last month has been very hard on Aaron and I, it started with a little cold spell and then the discovery of some new household pests. I hate mice I think they are awful little creators who carry disease.. they 're just yucky. I freaked out when we realized they were in the house and decided to go through and rearrange furniture get rid of any junk we might have,and make a spot for everything even if that spot is the DI. I can't stand my house being messy, this is a new obsession I got when I quit to stay home with the boys. My Mom says that with out a job my ocd gets put on my house any ways, we are still working on putting the house in order with no end in site. We took a little mini vacation (or that's what we called it so we weren't stressed the whole time) up to Idaho for Bob's nasty uncle's trial. It started on Monday but Bob didn't have to be there till Wed. It was a emotional hard trial all of Bob's sisters had been victims, however only Amy could press charges because of the statute of limitation. Amy was aloud in the court room for the whole trail but other witnesses weren't. I was able to sit with Amy through most of the trial. I am so grateful I could be there for her and Ashley, it was really hard for me to hear how this man did such horrible things to people I love and care for but I know it helped Amy and Ashley to have me their, Jim's family were so icy and mean, the more of us who could support each other the better. We all came home on Friday so we could so to Bob's uncle Rob's funeral. I never have meet him, he's been really sick with MS for a long time. It was really hard to see my Father-in-law loose his brother, and Grandpa Thomas bury his son. I love both of these men very much they are so similar. Uncle Rob was a good man who did alot for our country, and for his family, I'm grateful I got to hear all of the story about him. It was good to see all of Lee's family we only get together a couple times a year. We left Sunday afternoon to go back up to Idaho for the rest of the trial. We swam in the pool and while Amy and I were in court the kids all played at different parks, Bob testified on Monday, but we had planned on staying till the end of the trail so I could be their for Amy, and they said they might need Bob to testify again. We all went out to dinner that night as a family, we had just order when Lee called Jean to tell her his Dad had just died. Grandpa Thomas' death took us all by surprise he was so active and healthy, We had just seen him on Sat, and other then sadness he was great. We all hated that we were up in Idaho and Dad was home alone, Him and Mom talked on the phone all night. Bob and I packed up all our stuff and we took Mom home the next morning. I am so grateful Grandpa Thomas was a part of my life his example taught me so much, he was honest, and caring, sincere and always happy. I am going to miss him so much. Grandpa Thomas' funeral was on Sat. the Brothers both flew in to be their I love when they come into town, we spent the whole weekend with the family. Uncle Jim was found guilty on all accounts and with most likely spend the rest of his life in prison, sentencing is in Dec. After the brothers went home we've just been working on getting the house back together, which brings me to today. I really wanted to remember what Bruce said today which is the reason I got on to post. 1 thing Kim took him to Gymnastics today she said he did great and in the middle of class he even came to her because he needed to go potty (we have good days and accident days but he is getting better.) They went into the restroom and their wasn't a stool so she told Bruce you'll have to sit to go pee, he sat down and went to push his pene down but he had a crayon in his hand so Kim took the crayon from him so he could go pee. All of this just took to long for my little man and he peed alittle, and his pee darted out of the toilet and landed on Kim's skirt. Bruce stopped peeing and got this serious look on his face then he told Kim " it Ok it was just a little here use this (as he hands her a bunch of toilet paper) it'll try you'll be ok, sorry." then he finished peeing. My house is chaos today we are clearing of the pourch we think this is were those nasty buggers are getting in. My Dad came up to get some of his tools and bring Bob a shelves, I then called and invited my Mom up to watch the kids and have dinner with us ( Kim's family was here too) I hoped that Bob, Me, and my Dad could get the porch in order that night. We had finished dinner and were starting to get back to work, my dad put on a cartoon for the kids, It was Sponge Bob I have never watched Sponge Bob so I didn't want Bruce to watch it he was wining because he wanted to watch it. I asked him what is Sponge Bob teaching you ( in a sarcastic way I really like Dora and signing time show that are funcational) Bruce looked at me and said "its teaching me laughing" with his whiney please let me have my way voice. Needless to say he got to watch Sponge Bob I think laughing is a Great thing to learn.