Saturday, June 6, 2009

Air show

Bob has been so excited to go to the air show...I don't like the heat,or the crowds, so I convinced him that we should watch it from the side lines, once you are on base you stay their till it's over. You can't take drinks in with you and there are so many people.

We loaded up the boys and went and found a great spot by the hospital.. we had a great view of the whole show....

The boys loved playing in Preston's new wagon... and throwing rocks. the enjoyed the planes when they flew over head..but not quiet as much as throwing rocks.

My Dad and the nephews joined us just a little before the Thunder cats flew.... They were amazing the way they fly perfectly in sink with each other.. The Boys all loved that. It was a good day I am glad Bob let me win a little.

Friday, June 5, 2009


We went up to Fernwood in Layton with Bob's Family tonight. We roasted hot dogs and went for little walks around the campsite. It was a lot of fun. The Boys love playing with their cousins. Bob brought up his bike and took the kids for rides on his handle bars, they had fun with that. I love the Bob is with are kids, when he is around the kids arre always laughing and having fun..

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Preston's Birthday

I can't believe my baby is 2, time has just flown bye. I want so badly for it to just slow down a bit.

I thought for sure when we told him to take his first bite of cake, he'd dig in, he bent down and gave it a kiss. the cupcake was another story that he ate.

He had a ton of fun opening up all of his presents. I love the way kids tear open their presents.. He made sure he told everyone thank you. He is so good at using his manners.. I am amazed at how well he can talk.

The kids all enjoyed the water and treats, Preston had a great time playing on the playground and with the water. I am still amazed that we were so lucky with him. The Lord knew we need his sweet personality in our home, he is sooo polite he reminds me to use my nice words, he is such a loving, cuddly child.