Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Day

We woke up way excited to see what Santa had brought, in the excitement we didn't get any pictures here's some of the boys playing with their kitchen set before we left for the day.

I LOVE Christmas morning, and here is the reason why, once a year we get to enjoy my Dad's omelette's they are amazing. For the last couple of years Ryan has taken over the role of "Dad" and he does an equally amazing job. I look forward to this meal all year round, it is better then Thanksgiving, better then anything. Just looking at this picture is making me mad that I have to wait another year before this great tradition will be repeated.

We ENJOYED our family breakfast and then opened up the presents . everyone had a great time.Brewer and Grandpa

Grandma Wynnie Kim Ester Jeremy Sophie and Hannah

Hananh, Ryan and AmandaPayton, Brett Evrette Birkley and Holly

My Boys
After my parents we went to Bob's parents for some reason I didn't get pictures their either. I am so grateful for both of our family's and all they do for us. Merry Christmas!!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve

Every year on Christmas Eve my family goes to the live Nativity. Bruce loved watching the story of Christ birth he keeping telling me what was happening from the story's we had been reading. It was really crowded and their were more the a couple mean people who pushed our kids out of were they were standing, I had to keep telling myself the meaning of Christmas so I didn't tell these people off. I think next year we are going to go on the 22 or 23 not Christmas Eve. They were really rude.
You can barley see Angel Moroni but he is on a tall ladder on the roof of a house, and the wind is blowing like crazy (being sailors now we get updates on the weather and when it is dangerous to go out on the lake and this particular storm brought in winds up to 120mph) It was scary to watch him up on the ladder, and you could see how hard he was trying to stay on it.

The kids all enjoyed the animals they use Preston was so excited when they came out. After the play was over my Family went to my Parents for soup. We went to Bob's family for Dinner and presents. Here is a picture of Beck, Ry and Hudson, I can't believe how tall Hudson is. It is fun to see him and Preston together, They are 8 months apart (Preston is older) and he is way tall then Preston, but I think they weigh the same :)

Here is Grey Amanda, Gracie, and Maggie I think Gavin is off playing with Bruce, they have such fun together. I think Bruce is excited to be around a boy his age he has so many girl cousins his age and only a couple boy cousins.

Every year GG reads us Christmas Story's. This year she did thinks alittle different and read us one of John's favorite story's Cowboy Dan. She had run across it going through some things and wanted to share it with us. Dad usually read us The Littlest Angel which always makes me cry, he didn't this year. I had told my Mom how much I missed it and she found a copy as she was going through my Grandparents things and gave it to me (there are a couple different copies of this book and this one happened to be the same one Dad usually reads) I cried as I read it to my kids. I know I didn't know John but for some reason I've always felt close to him, I always end up crying when I see picture of him or hear a story that reminds the family of him.

The kids all got pajamas from GG and PaPa they all looked so cute in them. We tried to get a group shot, if you notice my kids are the only ones not holding still. They have so much energy, My Grandma always tells me that's a sign of greatness.

Bruce was so excited to leave Santa Cookies. I tried this recipe from the Pioneer Woman (My favorite blog ever) She always has the best recipes. All but this one. I am surprised Santa didn't take back all the Present after he tasted them,

Tuesday, December 23, 2008


We LOVE the Office it is our Fav Tv show we own all the seasons and love to rewatch them. Kim and Jeremy were behind on season 4 so they haven't watched any of this years season. We've been tivioing and saving all of them so we could have a big Office Marathon and get them all got up. We figured we'd have a big sleepover the kids got make some cookies and play and we would stay up all night watching the office (ok not all night Jeremy is NOT a night owl so we'd watch till he was done). Here are some pic's of our fun sleepover.

We made Ginger bread cookies for the neighbors. Sophie rolling out the dough was my favorite.

Bruce LOVES the Christmas tree. He has been wanting to sleep under the tree ever since we put it up. We figured tonight would be a great time to make that happen. I read them The night before Christmas, and The Nativity Story. Then we tucked them in to bed and they fell asleep surprisingly well. Then we watched the Office until around 2:30 I just love Dwight he is my fav

Monday, December 22, 2008

Christmas Village

We went out as a family to enjoy Christmas Village all lite up. The boys loved looking at all the twinkling lights.

I love sharing my testimony with my kids, When we saw the Nativity I shared the storey of Christ Birth and why it is so important to us. I have made mistakes in my live, and I know I'm going to continue to make mistakes. I am so grateful to a loving Father in heaven who was able to have a plan so we could return home to him, and a loving brother who had the strength to endure so much in order to make it happen.

After the lights we went to Burger King and played in their playland. The Boys loved it!! It was fun and cheap.

Preston LOVED the slide!!

Bruce wouldn't climb up the thing without someone so Bob and I took turns climbing around like hamsters.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Making Cookies

Every year the on the friday before Christmases my mom's family all gets together to celebrate Christmas. We bring white elephants, play games, eat yummy food, and most importantly enjoy the company of the family. Ever scince I can remember we've acted out the Nativity. I loved playing the different roles when I was little, and I love the now I can watch my children ast it out. We didn't take very many pictures of the night but we sure had fun. It's crazy to thing about last years Christmas. I am so greatful for every day my Grandpa and Grandma live, I love that my children know them. they are both so amazing I don't know very many families as strong as theirs. I love my cousins and am so glad that our kids all play and laugh together.

Bruce was the camel he loved it.

Preston didn't want to dress up so he was just cute, he knows how to be that real well.

We made cookies on Sunday the boys loved measuring out the ingredients and helping taste the dough to make sure it tasted right