Thursday, February 26, 2009

Kite flying

We took Preston to the Doctor on Monday and my poor little boy has strep. We have stayed inside for the last tree in a half days, which has drove Bruce crazy. He said to me today can I please go outside and run Mommy, I just need to run. I have been checking his temperature and throat to make sure he isn't getting sick and so far he hasn't shown any signs, so after music makers we put Preston to sleep and went out and enjoyed the spring like weather. The kids loved running the kites up and down the sidewalk. Bruce's kite was the weirdest kite ever he would get it up and then it would fly straight down into the ground. Bruce didn't seem to mind he was happy with it dragging on the ground as he ran up and down the sidewalk.

In case any of you are thinking of flying a kite anytime soon I highly recommend protective ear coverings, like Wynnie has on. If she wasn't flying the kite she would have he Mom hold them, "But make sure you give them back when I fly next." she would say. Flying kites is apparently really noisy.
Wynnie had such a fun time flying the kites, she would run and then spin then run. The only problem was that she often got the kite stuck in trees, power lines esters face you know whatever was close by. Her face would of coarse fall to the sad look you've ever seen, then we'd get the kite unstuck and life was great again.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Making paper hats

When we got home from Hardware Ranch the kids made paper plate hats Here is Bruce's with his Elk, he is such a good artist.

Hannah made a train hat for Bruce with Thomas and James

Wynnie made a ruffey (dog) hat for Preston he looked so cute in it I thought I got a picture of it but apparently I didn't. Anywho his head was too small for the hole so it was more like a necklace, he loved wearing it.

We had a really fun weekend with all the kids

Hardware Ranch

On Saturday we headed up to Logan to see the Elk. Bob and I had gone up their years ago with our friend Andrew and thought the kids would really enjoy it. The lodge had allot of fun things for the kids to see and touch. They had a ton of different animal pelts so you could feel the different animal fur I loved the Beaver it felt really cool, Bruce really liked the wolf.

We all tried out our wing spanned to see what kind of bird we'd be Bob was a turkey vulture, Hannah really enjoyed this part of the trip. (Sophie, Bruce, Preston, Wynnie, Hannah, and Bob)

They had a sand box so you could see what the different animals tracks look like all put the elk prints were little plaster circles, the elk was a real huff it was so sick to watch the kids play with it, but they seemed to enjoy.

We had fun waiting in line, i went pretty fast and the kids had fun watching all the different horses come and go.

It was allot of fun to go on the sled ride and to get to see the animals so close. The would stop every couple of min and tell us different facts about the animals and the ranch. Preston hated when we stopped he loved having the horses pull us around and would get mad if they weren't.

Yes this is a picture of their potty. During one of the stops Bruce looked at it and said really quietly Dad what is that, is that their food when Bob told him he got this weird look on his face and said ohh it was really funny so Bob had to take a picture so he'd remember

These were are darling horses Nikki and Molly. The kids loved petting them and telling them thanks for the ride.

On the ride home we saw a ton of deer. I was really hoping for the trifecta and to add a moose to our list of animals but that didn't happen. I don't know what it is about a moose but they are my favorite animal to see. I love when we go camping at north fork we always run into a couple, I guess I will have to wait till summer.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Antelope Island

We had the Peterson girls this weekend so Kim and Jeremy could go up to Midway for their Anniversary. We decided to go out and check out the Antelope Island Marina to see how high the water was there, then to go find some buffalo and have a picnic. It was kind of windy so the three little ones stayed in the car and ate there nutritious dinner. Hananah, Wynnie and Bruce had so much fun running around chasing each other and eating.

Here's a picture of Sophie, Ester and Preston enjoying thier dinner in the car. After Sophie and Preston ate they got out for a minute and played with the other kids.

I love the sunsets at Antelope Island they are always so amazing. We found two different herds of buffalo, the other one had allot more but the picture were too dark. I love the Picture below, this is why we've fallen in love with this place. The kids love the wild life, I love the scenery and Bob LOVES the sailing. We had a great time out exploring the Island.

Monday, February 16, 2009

We didn't go out for our Anniversary, because we would have had to put Preston in shelter care and I just didn't want to sent him to spent the weekend with strangers. So we decided to get away this weekend for our late Anniversary. Bob surprised me and took me to the Anniversary Inn in Salt Lake, it was amazing. I don't mean to sound like a baby but when we walked in the room and I saw all the rose petal's everywhere and the room it was so romantic I cried a little. I am so the type that if I was picking out a theme room it would be the jungle were we could sleep in a tree and think we were Tarzan and Jane :) but I am so glad Aaron went with the Romeo and Juliet suite it was killer romantic. I am so lucky to be with such a great guy he makes me happier then I ever imagined. He is a great father, and friend he teaches me so much everyday.
On Monday we went out to our favorite place, the Great Salt Lake marina to check out the water levels and walk around the shore. I can't wait to get back out there I love being out on the boat with my boys it is just the best. The water levels are looking a lot better then they did last year, We are hoping to back on the lake by April, with the cooler weather the lake is a lot nicer, their aren't brine flies, or humngo spiders. While we were walking around two boats went out We were so jealous. If you look close at the picture below you can see one of the lucky ones sailing around. I am so lucky to be married to my best friend. I can't believe we're going on eight years! I've learned so much about live these past years and I am so grateful I've had Bob by my side, he has helped me through some of the hardest times of my life. I really needed this weekend to be able to spent so much time with my honey was great, I would love to be with him all the time. With the economy the way it is, maybe I shouldn't really wish for that. :) I guess we could always life on our boat right :)

Friday, February 13, 2009

Rare moments

I had to take Pictures of my boys cuddling. They are always wrestling and chasing each other. I don't know if I've ever seen them so calm. Don't worry it didn't last more then 5min. by the time I took the last picture they were back to being their crazy self's

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Bruce had so much fun at preschool today. He was so proud of the train he made and couldn't wait for his Dad to get home so he could show him. As we ere coming in the house on of the wheels fell of and his face was so sad, I helped him fix it and he was so happy. I love to see him get excited about things.

Monday, February 9, 2009


The snow was almost great packing snow it was just a little to wet as you can see our snowman started out a lot taller then fell over because of how wet it was. I have been getting my lovely cysts again this one was only 4.5 big for most people small for me, they don't operated unless they are bigger then 6 or aren't getting smalled after a couple of weeks. any who this one was on the same side as my surgery in November so it was pretty painful. Luckily Bob was able to take some days off work and help with the kids. This is what they did one of the mornings. Bruce was super happy because his last snowman had a unfortunate accident, Bob had to jump the car so he drove over the snowman to get to the car. This broke Bruces heart and he has brought it up allot lately. The picked out a spot on the lawn were he would be save from being run over again.
His eyes kept falling out we got a couple pictures with them in. Preston LOVES snowman. Wynnie had a snowman birthday party and they played a game with a sing snowman stuffed toy, he cares it around with him," noman nonman" and gets so mad when it stops playing. He also does the cutest actions to once their was a snowman and sings as he does it, I love when he sings songs I'll have to try and get him singing on video.