Saturday, November 28, 2009

putting up Christmas

Today we got the Christmas decorations up... Preston was having a pretty rough day, just in allot of pain, me and him cuddled on the couch while Bob and Bruce put up the tree. Preston took a little nap and we were able to get most of the decorations up. Bruce did such a good job helping out his Dad with the tree, he loved laying under the tree, he told us he was our gift then we would tickle him open.... he is so sticking cute. I took pooh upstairs for a nap and when I came down Bruce was hiding in the tree box and jumped out and scared me. He is getting really good at hiding. Pooh woke up in time to help but the finishing touch on the tree. Bruce Really wants colored lights and colored balls like Mickey Mouse has on his tree, so We will be shopping the after Christmas sales looking for some funner decorations for next year. I love Christmas I love the lights and the smells, The time spent with family, I am really excited for all the fun things we have it store this year.

Thursday, November 26, 2009


We are sick, sick, sick at our house. The boys finally have a name for their sickness its Herpengina... I took them last week to Now Care, I 've been sick and was just being lazy, and seems how they are the closest we went their. They looked at Bruce who had been running a low fever, and throwing up. When she listened to his lungs she said it sounded like bronchitis but it could be the flu. I informed her I was recovering from Bronchitis ( the 2nd time this year) and she said Bronchitis wins.... very scientific guess. We went back 3 days later with huge sores in his mouth, he wouldn't eat anything and I do mean anything, and a high fever. The doctor said it was the Flu with gingivitis.... gave us some mouth wash and sent us home. Preston soon got sick with all the same symptoms, so we took him to Wee care that is were they told us they had herpingina, sounds like something a porn star would get not two little boys. Its a form of hand foot mouth disease only worse. Its a viruis so it just has to run it's corse.

We enjoyed Thanksgiving home alone... The boys have been so miserable, I would hate it if we got anyone else has been awful. Bruce is mostly feeling better but our Pooh is still pretty sick, it makes him fell better when we blow in his mouth, so Bob and I took turns. The dinner turned out great. It was really weird not seeing Bob's fam or My fam, but we did enjoy one another.

After dinner we cuddled in bed read some turkey stories and told the boys how grateful we are for them and there birth family's. November is national adoption month, in our house that fits perfect. Adoption has blessed our lives in so many ways, it has made it possible for Bob and I to know the joys of parenthood. Both of our Birth Mom's have taught so much, so much about love and sacrifice. I am so grateful for the gospel, I know if we do our best we will be able to return home to our loving Heavenly Father. He loves us and answers prayers, it's not always what we ask for but it's always what we need. I feel very blessed this holiday season.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Bob's bump

Bob has this crazy bump on the back of his head....He won't go into the Doctor. It's kind of squishy and, well it creeps me out....


Today Chloe was locked out of her house so she came over with Kim and her kids.. the kids all had a picnic in the entry. They had such a fun time. Well I thought I would make cinnamon rolls for my visiting teachers to let them know how grateful I am for all that they've done for me and my family they are great lady's Jesse has been my visiting teacher since we moved in, and she is amazing I am so glad that she has become such a good friend, I'm looking forward to becoming good friend with Miriam as well. I am really grateful for them grateful enough to make yummy cinnamon rolls, that I can't eat.Look at them they just kept staring at me.....taunting me, I am getting hungry very hungry... Carrots just aren't quite as delicious as these sugary tasty treats. I will be strong...I will.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


My Boy is getting so big. He went to the dentist for the first time today. Bob was able to take off a half day and be their for the big event. Bruce did so good he listened and was a great patient.. The night before we practiced going to the dentist, and all day him and Preston have been playing dentist.I'm so glad he had such a good time. He loves his new tooth brush. They are both really good at letting Bob and me brush their teeth.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Bob's 31st birthday

We love our Daddy so so much. The boys got him some fun new lures, then they helped wrap them and made him a card with catfish on them. We love catfish, because they have funny moooshaches.

Bob got home from work and we had a ton of fun singing to him and having him open up his gifts. WE our so lucky to have him, he make me and the boys so happy.

After we headed to our favorite fishing hole and tried out the new lures. The boys had a tone of fun catching and then letting them go. I love spending time with my boys, they have so much joy in the things they do.

The weather was great, we really enjoyed getting out in the sun. I'm so glad we all got to go out fishing one more time before the weather changes. Preston had so much fun catching his fish, which look an awful lot like pond goop.

We came home and enjoyed some chocolate beet cake.. it was so yummy, We are starting to find more and more recipes we can eat which make us both so happy. Bruce REALLY enjoyed his cake, he kept eating it like cookie monster.

We had a great day celebrating our Dad... He is such and amazing husband and father, I am so lucky to get to grow old with my best friend..