Saturday, June 28, 2008


Bruce and one of his Papa's, both of them went with us sailing today which really through my boy for a loop.He kept saying him instead of Papa, it was the funniest thing, because their was two of them at once he couldn't call either one by Papa.
Here is his other Papa. he got a phone call in the middle of sailing. I didn't know this and thought he was sea sick, but he was just tring to muffle the sound of the wind.
My great friend Anne' went with us out on the Lake I had to super confice her it would be fun and I'd tell her a big secret if she came. Were glad she came out with us I wish we would get together more she quite the gal.
My Dad at his favorite spot, when ever we go out he spents most of the time looking out the front.... He needs to do better at looking out we ran into ground close to Fremont Island.. It was easy to get out of and just soft mudd, but your heart sinks when you come to an abrupt stop like that.
This is Aaron before he saw the big spidar who had decided to make his sokc his home. The spidars out there are SOO BIG. This one is relatively small compared to the others. I LOVE to sail with Bob he is so professional he knows all the technical terms and shouts them at us as we all just stare back and ask "do you mean untie the green rope?"Preston had a great time, we weren't going to go because he had just got his tubes in but he is doing great. We are so blessed he is part of our Family.

Friday, June 27, 2008


Preston is always such a happy baby. Here he is smiling big before his surgury.I am so glad he is finally getting tubes, he has had ear infection after ear infection he would get over one and the next week have another. He is such a happy, content baby that it took me a while to figure out he the signs he was having them. He would cry or fuss he would just cough and have a runny nose. I'm gald he won't have to be in pain any more,even though he didn't really act like he was in pain before.Getting ready for surgery. the nurses were so cute with him. They gave him a cute Doctor bear, Pres loves stuffed animals. He did great until they took him from me he hated that, I wish I could have gone in their and been with him for all of it.Here he is playing with his stuffed animal. While we were in the waiting room I relized I had left his bottle on the conter. Aaron ran home after we got checked in thinking he would be back before he got out of surgury, but tubes are a quick proceture.

He cried for what seemed think forever, I tried everthing rocking, singing, standing up, bouncing, the nurses all tried to help but as soon as Daddy got there everything was fine. Yeah for Daddy's.Bruce loves helping out and singing to Preston. I'm so glad their Brothers.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Lauching the boat

We got up at 5 am, I can't belive I was able to move that early in the morning, and we took the boat out to Antelope Island. Putting the mast up was way scary My Dad was way in front of the boat pulling a rope Bob, and Roger were in the boat and I was on the back end on a ladder holding the mast up. We were all in position when we relized I was not even close to strong enough to hold the mast up high enough. No one could move, if my dad moved the mast would fall, Bob and Roger were stuck on the boat because I had the ladder, I was stress out big time when a truck pulled up with two guys in it they came and took my place. He had to stand on the top of the ladder (the do not stand on part) on his tip toes to get it high enouhg in the air that it would go up. I wish I would have taken a picture but I was to scared to even think.
Launching the boat was a bit stressful aswell the Lake is really sallow and it took 3 tries and a guy in his boat with depth finder to find a channel deep enough for our kel. When we finally got the boat in the water, Roger had to leave for his granddaughters birthday. Don't you LOVE Bob's new truck it's so much nicer then his old one... wait a second this isn't his boat it's his Dad's ours broke down on the was to the Island, Thanks Dad for helping us out and letting us borrow your awesome wheels.
Bob, Dad, and I couldn't go throw all that work and not enjoy sailing so we went for a little boat ride. I think I had heat stroke and I was as burned as they come. The Lake was smooth as glass great for water sking crabby for sailing we all just sat their thinking the same think, it was my Dad who finally broke the silence, maybe you should have tried sailing before you bought the boat. It wasn't the fast pace hiked out boating you see in the movies but hey, I'm sure next time will be better,we'll wait for wind.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Nail Polish

Today Bruce found my nail polish. I thought he was asleep, he was being so quite, I went to check on him and I found him like this. Toes all painted he had painted a couple of his toys, it was all over his rug, luckily he only got a tiny bit on his carpet. he thought it was the greatest thing, and I admit he did do a dang good job considering he is only 2. Maybe he'll follow in my foot steps and become a cosmetologist, he has already cut his own hair.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Stink eye

We love Juno, the line about his girlfriend giving Juno the stink eye, "She wasn't giving you the stink eye that's just how her face looks." Bob laughed so hard and thought it was the greatest so he taught our son to give the stink eye. I love it and when he is mad at his toys, brother, me or Bob we all get the stink eye.
My two favorite stinky eyes.
We sat outside and enjoyed the cool June weather knowing 100' weather was on its way soon. Bruce loved blowing bubbles, the wind was blowing so when he held it just right the wind would blow the bubbles. That mad Bruce laugh so hard.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

The Zoo

We went to the Zoo today with the Peterson's Harlen's, Bird's, and Hansen's. It was lots of fun, the perfect temperature, cold even (in case you couldn't guess that with all the jackets and all). The animals were all out and moving we even saw the Tiger pacing and drinking from the water. The Bears and Elephants were all dancing it was way fun to watch them. Bruce loved seeing all of them and even danced along with the Elephants. Preston had a good time to and would point at the animals and then chat in his own little language telling me all about how cool he thought they were.

Here Bruce being a turtle, he loved playing on the playground. He played and explored on everything except the snake slide, which seemed to be the favorite of all the other kids, Bruce wouldn't even go down it once.
Here a Picture of Preston sitting in the stroller enjoying the ride.he had a good time, and by the time we got to the playground he was sleeping. he really enjoyed the bird show, every time they flew over head he would point up and say owwda, I am going to miss his secret language so much when he learns to talk.

Here a picture of the gang I tried to get us all in their I missed of couple of the kids but got most of them, my favorite is Hendy my 9year old cousin in the stroller, him Kad, Maxwell, and Bruce and been running nonstop since we got their I think it wore him out :)

Monday, June 2, 2008

Preston's ONE

My little baby boy is One today I can't belive it! I went to the store with Kim and we put him in the built-in forward facing car seats, I am going to have to read the manual or something because he looked way to small to be riding like that. He laughed the whole time, He loves to do big kid things whenever he figures out how to be like the older kids he smile for days.

Preston's first birthday

My little Boy turned one today. I can't believe how fast time goes. We fill so blessed to have him in our lives.He has such an amazing little personality and its so fun to watch him as he learns new things. I love this age he talking more, (he has his own little language which he talks in it the cutest thing) He loves to chase Bruce around the house and play with cars. It so fun to watch him and he figures out new things.
Here he is opening presents,he got so many fun things I can't wait to watch him play with them. Thanks everyone .He loved the cake, he ate the whole thing he was so cute,it was all over hie face.I know I took pictures but I can't find any, I'll keep looking cause he looks way cute with frosting all over him