Friday, May 30, 2008


I have the greatest hubby! My birthday was so wonderful, we hung out at home today, gardening and having fun with the kids. Tuesday was my last day babysitting Jaden and Amarie. So we just played in the yard and had some fun in the water. I am going to miss them so much. Last Tuesday was my last day babysitting Izzy and Bruce kept asking for her, It's a good thing we have a lot planned for the summer with them.

After babysitting Bob took me out to Antelope Island for a horse back ride. I had so much FUN, I haven't been on a horse in such a long time I had almost forgotten how much I enjoy riding them. We had good horses, mine was named Shorty and Bob had Charcaol, they rode real nice mine stumbled a little on the rough terrain, so naturally, I would pet her and ask her if she was OK Bob thought that was pretty funny. Bob misses riding too, he talked alot about how he wished we would have bought that bay mare we looked at getting 4 years ago, maybe one day we'll have time for a horse but for now we'll just rent them.

We were able to get real close to the buffalo, this is a picture of the Mom's with there babies, as we rode we would run into the dad's here and there they weren't all gathered together like the others. We also saw Deer and Antelope. I wish Bruce and Preston could have come and seen all the Animals, but they have to be 6 before they can ride these horses, I think we are going up to Idaho in June to hang out with Aunt Kaye and Uncle Leon they can ride their mules, I know they'll love it.

This is Me and our tour guide he was a ton of fun, he taught us allot about the history of the Island. Maybe if Utah history was offered on a horse I would have got a better grade in junior high. He was a such a nice guy and I think he must have liked us because we told him we wanted a hour ride and he took us on a hour and a half ride..

I just love the views of The Great Salt Lake, it is so beautiful I can't wait till our boat is ready and we go out their more often. When We finished our ride we walked around the Ranch a bit I tried roping the bull and lassoed him on my 3rd try not to bad if you ask me.

When we got back home our friends the Rimmasch's had stopped off a present, I was sad I wasn't home when they dropped it off, and I know Emily and Paul were sad they couldn't see my reaction. So I recorded I couldn't figure out how to E-mail so I included it on my post so they could check it out. Thanks so much guys the gifts are awesome, We can't wait for our night of Neil.

Friday, May 23, 2008

This weekend has been crazy busy and is going to get even busier. Sorry that we are blogging so much just lots of fun stuff has happened. I wanted to at least start an entry for each event so the day would be right chronologically but I didn't have a free moment so i'll just write about all the things in this entry. Matt and Nate came into town, Yeah! we love to see our brothers. The first night they were here all the brothers, and brother in laws went with dad to the races, Bob will tell you all about it now..

The drag races were great, it's hard to be bored at races with the loud engines, adrenaline, octane, heart pounding wrecks, and super-fast cars. It was an awesome chance to bond with all the men in the family. I wanted to add lots more pictures but the camera battery went dead, check out this video for a small taste of the face melting fun at the drags.

All us girls went and saw What happens in Vegas, it was lots of fun. After the movie we went and got icecream, I love Farrs they have the yummiest ice cream around. Kim watched the boys for us Thanks a bunch Kim for being so good to my boys. It was a lot of fun hanging out with all the sister in laws and GG it's been too long since we all have gotten together.

Saturday morning the Boys went to Glen Eagle and played golf, Bob didn't take the camra, but we got a couple shot of everyone hitting around wiffle balls in Mom and Dad's back yard before the barbeque. It was so good to have the famliy together, it's too bad Matt and Nate couldn't have brought their wifes and kids, Nate will be back in July with his whole family, we're all super excited for that.

Nate and Matt went and got Riley at 8 they were supose to be back at 10 to watch the fight but it took a little longer then they thought so we started the fight at midnight. It was fun just chillin and hanging. All the boys way enjoyed the fight us girls just enjoyed the food and hanging out. Matt and Nate are leaving at 5 tomorrow morning it was a quick visit but we filled every minute with fun.

Sunday afternoon Kurt and Jodi had all the friends over for hamburgers, and volley ball it was a ton of fun their backyard is awesome Kurt just built an amazing fire place, maybe one day will be able to copy it. it took Bruce awhile to warm up to everyone Payton wanted him to play with him so bad but for some reason Bruce just stood in the middle of the yard and wouldn't talk to anyone. Finally Payton started to chase him and after that Bruce was in heaven and they played really good the rest of the time. We started to play volleyball adn Bruce and Payton played with us (we jst would let them hit the ball inbetween serves) Payton really wanted to hit the ball when it got served so Dan threw him in the air as I was serving it. I am really bad at volley ball and am just glad when it makes it over the net, so I seved like normal, Dan threw Payton in the air and told him to hit the ball. That he did, or maybe the ball just hit him. He is so tuff it hit him right in the head and all he did was rub his head. I wish we would have got it on tape it was so funny. We only stayed for 2 hours because the Henderson were having a party that night. I wish we could have stayed longer it was real good to see our friends we missed those of you who couldn't come but thats the good thing about the summer it seems like we get together alot more.

Lori, Lance, Courtney, Brendon, and Peggy all came in to town so we had a Gradutation party for Courtney. I can't belive she is so grownup it for sure makes me feel OLD. It was also one last party at my Grandparents before they sell the house, It was kind of sad being there and remebering all the fun family parties we've had. Our Famliy is so close I LOVE to do things with my cousins and their kids, I know that our friendship our so strong because our Grandparents have always put famliy first. Growing up we had get togethers a couple times a month, an excuse to have a party and we'd to it, because the group is so big we don't to as much in the winter but summer are crazy fun. When I was younger I would often wonder if we would still get together after my Grandparent deid (they've given us a couple scares) but being at the party on Sunday and looking around I know I have my answer. Even though some of have moved away I know that our famliy will be one that stays in touch, I am so greatful for that.


Bruce loves shrek. I don't even know if love is a strong enough word he is obsessed with him. I was cleaning out his closet this morning getting rid of some toys when we came across his Halloween costume he had me put it on him then he started playing with his two huge shrek toys. The other day we had to go shopping and he had to wear his shrek costume, it was way cute.

Dinner with the Princesses

Tonight we had our nieces over while their Mom and Dad went to a farewell dinner for our Bishop. I made chicken noodle soup, I can't believe it's May 23 and soup is on the menu, were is summer. I don't even want summer I want to know were is spring?! Its either so hot your sweating just thinking about moving or so cold your eating soup. Any ways we had a ton of fun, at dinner Hannah and Wynnie stared calling us Queen Ellie and King Bobbie, I quote liked the sound of that. They called Brucey Prince Brucey to which he responded "I'm not Prince Brucey I'm nice Monster Brucey." He has been on this kick lately about Monsters, he thinks their in his closet, under his bed, under the bath tub. He won't sleep at night without alot of convincing and a light or too, so it really surprised me he wanted to be a monster.

After dinner we played a fun Dora game you hook up to your T.V. it reminded me of the Atari. The kids all did so good at sharing and taking turns, it was very fungicational.

We read story's said our prayer then they all went to bed. It was a fun night I can't wait to take them all camping with us in the camper fun times :)

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Big Boy Pants

Today Bruce is going to wear his big boy pants all day. I can't belive I am potty trainig my little boy. He has been going potty in the big potty for almost 5 months, We tried big boy undies a couple months ago but he peed a little in them and hated how it felt it has taken me this long to confince him to try them again. He is getting so independent, when he woke up this morning he wouldn't let me help him get undressed or put on his undies. I love watching him grow. Our little potty has a little blue plastic thing that sits up in the middle of the seat so is you have a boy it hits that and falls into the toliet instead of your floor, ( which we need because bruce hates to touch his penis, he won't even push it down when he pees) it is so funny to watch him get on the toliet he won't let me help him and it takes him like 5 min to get on with out that blue thing touching him. So far today he hasn't had an accident but he's only had them on for an hour... Wish us luck.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Feeding the Ducks

My Brucey is getting SO BIG. We went to the duck pond with Becky last week. We were setting out the blanket and getting the baby's comfy, and Bruce and Brin ran to play on the playground. Bruce went to the rock wall first, so as soon as we got settle in I went over to help him, but he was already to the top.. I can't believe how big he is. This is the first time he has been able to play on the playground without me helping him on some of the toys.
They loved swinging on the swings. The park only had two little kid swings so Bruce and Preston shared. They laughed so hard, I love when they make each other laugh it just brings a big smile to my face. When Brin saw Bruce swinging with Pres, she wanted her Hudson to swing with her, she is such a good big sister.
There were so many ducklings at the pond, I just love the spring. Tabby got a little to close to these babies, the big proud duck in the back attacked her.. It ran after her then took a bite out of her back (OK so it didn't draw blood or anything but it did leave spit on her back) I wish I would have got a picture but I was too busy laughing I think it was the funnest thing I've seen in awhile. After the attack the mean duck splashed around in the shore squawking like it was a bad A. If only the camera was on movie you all could laugh too.
Bruce and Brin play so good together they got so excited feeding the ducks that they just had to hug. It makes me happy to see this side of my boy, he is such a physical kid, and we all know how being two is a hard age to express yourself, will when Bruce is mad, or wants a toy, or sees someone doing something wrong, he throws a couple punches. I don't mean that to sound like he is a bad kid, because he isn't he has the biggest heart, I don't know a kid alive who gives as many hugs and kisses, he pray for everyone he know every night, and when he sees someone sad he try to make the happy, just don't make him mad.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


So you know how you look down while you're driving and just when you look up you swerv or stop just in time to miss the car in front? Thank goodness for the "nik-of-time". Well not in this case, I looked up just in the nik-of-time to brace myself for impact. I think I will be very content to listen to the music that's on or wait for a good place to stop before I crash into the nice retired old man stopped in traffic in front of me. I didn't get hurt (just a bruised ego) neither grandpa Smithers (just wet pants) and two broken cars.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Mother's Day

It's amazing to me what a difference three years can make. Three years ago Mothers Day was such a hard holiday for me. Not that I didn't enjoy celebrating all the mom's who I love and adore, but something about sitting through church watching all these women who could have kids celebrate killed me a little. I know that is mean and that this was my trial but lets just say I cried a ton on those mothers day but not out of overwhelming joy like now. I remember wondering if I would ever get to be a mother and now to see my sons, what amazing kids they are I'm so grateful for those 4 years that taught me to truly enjoy my kids, that they truly are precious gifts. I am amazed at how fast Bruce has grown, he bring so much joy into my life. He went with Bob to pick out my present so he knew we were celebrating something, but he thought it was a birthday he kept telling me happy birthday. He gave me so many hugs and kisses I love when he climbs up into my lap and says "I cuddle you mom." It seems like Preston has been in our family forever like that was the way its suppose to be. He is learning new things everyday, the other morning when he woke up I wasn't quiet ready to get out of bed so I brought him into my bed he kept blowing me kisses and when I would blow him kisses he would giggle, I love to hear him giggle, the first part of his life breaks my heart so to she him happy is such a gift. I am so glad that he is in our family, we love him so much and I know he feels apart of the family too. He gets so worried around new people and will cuddle into me so tight like I have always been his mom. I get worried ever once in a while about what will happen in court, but I know that no matter what the out come is I will always be his mom and he will always be a part of our family. All those years of preparing and hoping for a family I never imagined how much your heart is capable of loving, how watching your children accomplish new things they've been working on can make you so proud. I am so grateful to my Father in Heaven for trusting me to raise these wonderful boys. I am also so thankful to my sons birth mom's they are such an important part of our life. I am so glad for the friendship I share with each one of them, I can honestly say that I love them dearly, and that their isn't a day that goes by that I don't think about them. I had a great mothers day today how could you not when your kids are so amazing. I hope all you mom's had a great day too.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Race for The Cure

This is a picture from after the race, we stopped by my Mom's to show her the pictures and tell her how much we LOVE her. I know its out of order and it should go last to keep this chronological, but she is why we went and the reason I was able to have such a wonderful experience. So I wanted her to be first.

My Mom went in for a mammogram the first of February, I am so thankful every day that she felt a desire to go in. My Mom doesn't go to Doctors very often and this was her first mammogram. They discovered a lump on Friday she had it biopsied on Monday, we meet with her 3 doctors on Wed and it was removed the following Wed (they would have done it sooner but My Mom said she couldn't miss work til then, another lady was already off for a vacation and she couldn't leave them short handed. I was so upset with her at the time I mean it's Cancer when you find out you have Cancer you get that crap out of you as soon as possible right? That's My Mom for you she always has and always will put others first I love that and at that moment hated that about her too). That first week was so scary Cancer kills and it was in my Mom it was big and the doctors were pretty concerned about the size of it and whether or not it was in her lymph's. All of us joked around when we were together then went home and cried about it alone. That's my family for you we can find humor in the worst of situations. After the surgery we had great news only one lymph was infected, which the doctors said the chemo and radiation would take care of. My Mom has been very courageous this whole time, I am so amazed. She is half way through chemo and can't wait to finish the rest. I have watch my Mom physically change with this disease, she is tired and gets sick a lot easier, shopping is something my Mom loves but can no longer do very often it just wears her out. My Grandparents are living with my Parents right now, I know at times this is hard on them but through it all my mom smiles and laughs, she still goes and supports the big events in all of our lives ( Brett just graduated college she was there in the audience dry huffing and cheering) she has shown me to deal with adversity with a smile. I don't thing words can explain how much her life is teaching me about the person I want to be.

Kim, Hannah, Wynnie, Sophie, Esther, Preston and I went to the Race for the Cure in Salt Lake today. (Bob and Bruce went to a father son camp out that night) Their was going to be a bigger group but life happened I would have let life happen too but my Mom really wanted to go but couldn't because she had to get a booster shot (her white blood cells keep tanking), Kim and I decided to sign up and walk in for her. We had signed up for the mile walk we figured that would be easiest to do with all the kids. Some where in the confusion of it all we ended up walking with the 5k. Sophie, Esther, and Preston took naps on the walk and Hannah did a great job walking i think she did almost half. I expected to go down there walk and hopefully find my Mom a necklace for Mothers Day. We registered and then went and looked at the vendor booths when I came across a shirt for little kids that said "When I grow-up their with be a cure." I chocked back the tears this is a race who cry's at a race, especially just reading a t-shirt? We keep looking when someone mentioned that the race had started we hurried back to were it started and joined in the walk, hence the reason we walked a 5k instead of the mile. As we turned onto 300 W. and crossed under the bridge I looked up and as far as I could see the streets were lined with people, and then the tears came. I looked at the signs on peoples back as they raced celebrating loved ones, and those who walked in Memory of those they loved there were people who had to have been in their 70's walking down to infants in snugglies. So many life's have been affected by this disease. Next I noticed how many women wearing pink shirts were Kim and My age. (pink shirts were for the survivors) The one thing that was clear is that breast cancer doesn't care about your age, if you have young kids, what race you are, or even what sex you are. I know guys can get breast cancer but it really hits home when you see them wearing their pink shirts or written on the backs of people's shirts. As we walked cheerleaders from local high school cheered "Breast examines, and mammogram. We are the cure." Although their is no cure for breast cancer it is extremely treatable if found early.

As we walked the last little bit through the Gateway they had a area away from the rest of the walkers for survivor's, then they all meet up on the steps of the Gateway. I can't wait till next year when my Mom can be there with us and to see her walk that last bit and go up on the stairs. I know this has been a hard battle for her. She is used to being the one who helps other people out and since February she had to learn to let people help her. I am so grateful for those Family member's and close friends who have brought in dinners, made phone calls of concern and engorgement, flowers, and books have been given that have brightened her day. I know she looks forward to the time when she has more energy and can go celebrate life with her friends and family, she's half way their. Next years going to be great. Mom I love you so much thank you for the example you are to me and my children, you teach me something new everyday.

Father Son Campout

Bruce and I had such a great time. This was our first outing together without mommy, and it was awesome. I was suprized he did so well, at home he's such a mommas boy. I look forward to outings like this with Preston and Bruce for many years to come.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Front Runner

Here is our group shot.. Kim and I thought it would be great fun to take all our kids on a train ride, fun free entertainment right? Well sort of. 2 grownup and 6 Kids all under 5, we mostly had it under control. When we got to the platform there was a good amount of people waiting to ride, we lined up and waited for the doors to open,(there were no signs or people to try and keep this crazy moment under control and no one said that the same doors you go in people come out, common sense maybe but I thought there would be an entrance and an exit).Well the doors opened and all the people getting off the train plowed through all of us waiting to get on the train we held to our young ones and pushed onto the train, we headed up stairs and found 2 seats back to back, close enough that we could feed our kids the lunch we'd brought and help each other wrestle the kids as needed. Kim sat by some old people, she tried to talk to them but they weren't in a talking mood. I got to sit my a vagabond he must have just came from Saint Ann's because he was showered and had clean clothes on, not what you would expect from someone who jumps from town to town on a train. He told me fun storey's of riding the rails. Kim thinks that he was telling a tall tale, but why would anyone make that up.

The kids all enjoyed looking out the windows and seeing the rivers, horses, cows,tractors, and cars. They played eye spy and were all having a great time until Hannah started talking about playing in the water and how much fun the lake was going to be, when we told her it was Salt Lake City not the Great Salt Lake her Wynnie and Bruce got really sad. Of course that made Kim and I feel like the worst parents in the whole world we thought our kids would have so much fun and they were in tears over the whole misunderstanding. We thought that the drop off sight was pretty close the the gateway so we told the kids we'd go watch and play in the jumping water. Everyone was happy till the train stopped, 8 blocks from the jumping water. Kim and I weighted out our option and figured we can walk the 8 blocks (mind you we only had 1 umbrella stroller and 4 kids who would need strollers for that distance luckily we had brought our snuggley's) as we arrived at the spot were they have the water we noticed it was roped off and they had people working on it. No jumping water for us. By this time we had been in the sun for way to long the babies were past the point of being tired. So much for being super Moms.

We got hot fudge sundae's at McDonald's to help make up for the disappointments of the day then headed back to the pick up spot. As you can see Bruce LOVED his sundae..i think all the kids equally enjoyed theirs. I am so glad that McDonald's can fix anything, a little chocolate and we are back to smiles and fun

Preston and Ester finally were able to fall asleep on the walk back to the train stop. We left Ogden at 12 and didn't not get home till almost 5. When we got back on to ride home it was rush hour so all the people who were trying out track with their work were waiting, luckily we were able to find seats most of the people had to stand. Because Preston was asleep in the stroller I couldn't fold it up like last time so we had to sit in the front of the train which unfortunately did not have a window. The ride home was boring and we were all tired and ready to be home. it was all worth it though because we made it on Fox 13 news at 9..It fells good to be famous :) Their were so ups and a couple downs all in all I 'd say I'm glad we went and made some fun memories...Next time we will have to go to the Salt Lake, maybe go sailing.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Our New Sailboat

We are new to the bloging world, and we uploaded our picture backwards so this entry will make more sense and be cuter if you read it backwards. The sunset out there was so beautiful. We loved driving around the Island looking for the antelope and buffalo. We got on the GSL's web site and it talked about how great the sailing is. They also warned people planing to sail on the Lake to watch the buffalo from afar, because they've been know to swim out and attack the boats.. I kind of want to give that a try just for some laughs.
We went out on the Great Salt Lake to talk to people who owned slips out there, and to see what it was like. We packed some nutritious and delicious peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, chips and pop. We ate them on the beach, which is HUGE right now cause the Lakes a little low, Bob and Bruce loved to feed the seagulls, there were tons of them flying all around us Bob would throw chips and little parts of his bp&j and the birds would snatch them out of mid air. I wonder if we really need a sailboat or if a big bag of cosco chips and some sandwiches would keep my boys happy. I know we are going to make some great memories for our family.
Okay so I know most people are already laughing, thinking we're big nerds...I mean really only big yuppies have sailboats... And We live in Utah... Who sails here...but we are so excited to own our sailbout... We are going to get a dock for sailing on The Great Salt Lake they have a yacht club and eveything! tons of fun islands to explore, and everything floats, so the fact that I only know how to doggy paddle and can only do that for a short time really won't be an issue. We're going to put our names in up at Bear Lake but they have a two year waiting list..So for the next two years we're going to be the saltiest sailors around. Bruce is so excited, he talks about the boat everyday and seeing the buffalo and all that jazz. Bob can't wait for our first night on the lake, our boat has a tiny kitchen area, a toilet, and can sleep four adults. I am just excited in general...We'll post pics of our first voyage on the Rascal (the first guy who owned her named it that and its bad luck to change a boats name...bad luck is the last thing we need surrounded by man eating seaguls, brine shrimp and 12 feet deep water ).