Monday, September 28, 2009

Pumkin patch

GG and Papa had all of us kids over for a barbecue and pumpkin patch... The boys loved picking out their pumpkins, and after many funny faced pictures I got one with them both looking and smiling. Preston looks up to Bruce and copy's everything he does, its really fun to watch the two of them become such good friends.

The kids all had so much fun playing together.. We always have fun at GG and Papa's. Every year Papa has planted and tended to a garden for the family, we have been so blessed by it.. I have put up beans and tomato sauce, which this year especially has been a blessing. Eating the way we eat is expensive, and hard to find food that doesn't include sugar is crazy hard, it is in everything, by putting up our own food We know we can have everything that is in it...We are so blessed to have such great family..

Monday, September 21, 2009


We went to Causee to celebrate Paul's Birthday.. We thought it would be soo much fun to canoe back to the narrows and watch the kokanee salmon spone upstream. Bob and I did it like 5 years ago before we had kids and it was aton of fun...and really warm. we played mud football, and swam. This year it was not warm, not at all.

We got up to causee at about 5:20 and hiked the canoes down to the water... We had our canoe and then borrowed a family in the wards canoe... The canoe we borrowed was heavy, Way heavy, Paul and Bob carried that one down to the water, me and Jessie carried the lighter one. It was quite the walk, the wind was blowing. Bob and I had planned on it being warm, so we weren't quite dressed right, our friends were much more prepared for the colder weather. I had brought some warmer clothes thinking we might be a little chilled on the ride home, so we had sweatshirts, luckily for our poor boys. Of course we took our puppy's with us Tabby LOVES canoeing. We were about 50 yards from the shore when our Cali pup jumped over board, she was going after a dog on the shores. Cali is, well, special. I called for her and watched her swim circles for a bit. I know that causee has cold water I have swam in it many time's so I got worried our pup would freeze out there. So I jumped in. WOW that was really stupid I thought the water would go up to my waist and I would just walk over to her. That is so not what happened, the water went up over my head and took my breathe away it was so stinking cold I hung on to the canoe for a while trying to catch my breathe then I called Cali swam a bit and grabbed my pup out of the water. I climbed back into the canoe. Poor Stephen was scared after watching me act like a idiot, As I was climbing into the canoe he was really worried I was going to flip the canoe. Our canoe has seats that make it really hard to flip , I told him just stay on the opposite side and his weight would help keep it stable. His eyes got real big and he said "But you are way bigger then me." I climbed back in the canoe and started paddling, I was so embarrassed, and cold really cold.

We got to the narrows and hiked in a bit watching the water for the kokanee. Paul was really good at spoting them, we saw like 5 it was pretty fun. Henry found and caught a little tiny kokanne:) The water running into causee was freezing, the Kids were so cold, I felt awful, this was not suppose to be a cold activity.

The Lake was beautiful with all the leaves changing colors and the bright green background. We got back to the car and ate some sandwiches and snacks...We hope Paul had a fun time... HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! We did really enjoy the evening, and will be better prepares next time.

Monday, September 7, 2009


The gang, hasn't gotten together in awhile....But with Kurt and Jodi coming into town, we had a Barbecue.. We were only missing 2 people, Courtney and Michelle couldn't make it. It was so great seeing every one. We have had sooo many great times, it seems like live is getting busy and we don't get together as often as we use to :(

The kids all had so much fun playing together... Bruce just loves Gerrick he always blesses him in his prayers and asks when they can play together.

The guys had a ton of fun playing Volleyball, I went back and forth from visiting and holding Kara to playing with the kids.
Karl brought his new four wheeler over and gave the boys a ride... Bruce thought was the coolest, when we go to Sams he always climbs on the one they have displayed, and is so sad when I take him off. Preston loved running and chasing with all the kids, they all had fun playing ring around the roisey.

Kara is such a cute little baby, she loves to smile, We miss you guys tons.

When we were leaving, Bob took the boys out and loaded them while I said good bye, and gathered up our food. He told me that he loaded Preston and went to get Bruce from the sidewalk, Bruce was staring at Blocaus and Paige's daughters (they are 16 and 14 I think) Bob called to him to come and get in the car. Bruce told him "no dad I am looking at them", with that Bob laughed and said "what." "I am looking at them dad", the whole time Bruce was just staring. Bob told him to get in the car. With that Bruce climbed in and said "fine Dad I will just watch them from here." I think we are in store for some trouble.