Monday, January 4, 2010

Preston's surgery

We had to be there by 6 am so we woke up extra early took his before surgery pictures in his Hugh Hefner rope and headed to the hospital. Our little guy has been getting strep a lot and gags on his food a lot, they also had us test his oxygen at night and it gets dangerously low so we decided his tonsils need to go.... I think it will help with all his ear infections too. because they were putting him under anyways we thought what a great time to have his little peni trimmed (he was never circumcised.) When we talked to the urologist he said that the tonsils would hurt and he probably wouldn't even notice his peni. He was off way off our little guy cried every time he moved, or peed, or breathed it was heart breaking.

When we got to the hospital he was all smiles as usual. we got him all checked in and all his vitals taken... Then they took him from us that is were the smiles stopped and we both cried as he went down to surgery... It's a lot different sending some one you love in for surgery....I know he is good hands and that it's for the best, I just hate all the paperwork , "If you die it's not out fault" how can you feel good about signing that paper?

When his surgery was done, we got to cuddle and love him until he woke up..he was really sleepy and that was just fine, we just enjoyed all the cuddles he had. he didn't want to drink or eat his Popsicle's...although he did want to hold his Popsicle's and let them melt all down his arm. The nurse gave him a cuddly blue bear which quickly became his good friend. We had to spent the night so they could monitor..he did good all night his throat and peni gave him some pain it was so hard to watch him hurt so much. We Love this little Guy so much and hope that the pain he is now will prevent pain in the future