Sunday, March 29, 2009


Our Bishop is buying a nursery, he had a late shipment and a early shipment so he has a ton of work that needs to be done. Bob and I went out on Thursday for our date night...Thanks Mom for watching my kids. It was so much fun. I have a completely black thumb and I try really hard to make it green, hopefully the plants we planted won't die. Every year we plant a garden and other then peas and a couple tomatoes it usually dies. We have big plans this year for our backyard, hopefully I'll learn a thing or too helping out at the nursery. He told us if we brought in some pots we could plant our own hanging baskets... so we took the boys with us on Friday and planted a couple basket they went crazy, they had to touch everything and loved to look at how the plants are growing. I'm glad they had fun, but think it'll be just Bob and I in the future, it was hard to get our pots planted with the boys into everything. Here is a little shout out to the nursery it's located at 40s 40w in West Haven and has the best plants ever so make sure you get all your plants from their this season :)


I was going to steal some pic's from Kim's web site, but I don't really know how to do anything like that so I don't have pictures of the actual Field trip, yes I did say Field trip. Ikea was having one of it big one day sales, and it was Kim's turn to have preschool at her house. We decided to make a Field trip out of that day go down to Ikea get or stools and let the kids play in their playland. way fun fied trip, for the kids you know. It was a success we got down there early enough for our stools and did some shopping ate lunch, then headed home with our treasures. I have to admitt something, I know I should keep it to myself it just proofs how crazy I am, Like the craziest person ever, and a bit dishonest...It's in my blood how I wish it wasn't but its their(not the dishonest part the crazy part, and I only thought of as being dishonst after the fact and am feeling some guilt for that). They were giving out tickets for the stool 4 per house I was given 5.... the last one was a golden ticket a extra sale item, I have no need for 5 stools in my kitchen 4 is going to be a bit of a squeeze, but my niece eat over a lot and its great to have the extra seating, so I gave my extra ticket to Marnea and some money. I got my 5 stools, spent an extra twenty dollars and it will probably stay in it's box BUT it was on sale, how could I not get it. Please don't think less of me I am a bit crazy when it comes to thing on sale I have NO control, I get it from my Dad, and Mom.
When we got home My boys pulled out their tools and but 4 of the chairs together, we don't have room for 5 and no need for 5. They had fun using all their tool and making the stools. I also got a bench for our piano I am so glad I don't have to use a kitchen chair anymore.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Ward Kite Flying Activity

What a FUN FUN day. We went to the Big Dee Sports park and flew kites, ran around and ate yummy food. I Love when Kim does stuff with us, which is most the of the time, because she always takes a ton of cute picture, things we do with out her we only get a couple. I need to learn to take more pictures like she does. Everyone brought way cool kites, my favorite was the box kite, the Bucannon's made it and I can't believe it stayed in the air it was a lot heavier then the rest. Bruce loved the eagle, and Pres loved the nemo fish, which never did get in the air, the wind only lasted about 20 min, so if you were late you didn't get to do much flying.

We had bought some dollar ones from the Walmart, they flew great even without much wind, Bob was bummed their wasn't enough wind for his trick kite, I still have yet to see that thing in action. I am either under the weather when he goes out with the boys or the wind isn't strong enough. I really am excited to see it go, maybe one day.

We ate some yummy hamburgers, then all the little kids played on the playground, and the older once played football and tag and such.

Bruce had a ton of fun doing somersault and handstands on the grass. Which became a popular event and soon a bunch of kids were doing cartwheels and handstand. I was watching and cheering on when one of the kids called me old and said I couldn't do hand stands......

I dusted odd my skills and shod them how young I am.... that was the plan anyway, I think I pulled a muscle and I sure didn't have the skills I once had, I still think they were a little impressed. Hannah and I sure had fun goofing around.

Bob shod off how young he was too. He had fun Playing football with the youth and Paul. all was going well until they started a game of smere the guere ( we probably should come up with a new name for that game), Bob was getting tackled and twisted his ankle pretty bad, maybe we should just realize we are old... Or maybe we will just keep getting injured and enjoy living out our old glory days.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

St. Patricks Day

The Leprechauns got into our breakfast and turned it GREEN. Bruce thought if he licked off the frosting he would turn into Evrett.. He loves Evy so much and wants to be like him, he was sure the Lepracans put a spell on the frosting, he was way sad when he stayed Bruce.. but I am sure glad I got to keep my Bruce.Later in the day Minnie and the Girls came over to make some yummy cake pops. WE love all the cute treats on Bakerella and thought we would try it out.

We took picture like the Pioneer Woman, here is out cast over characters.. and the ingredients too!

We took turns smashing the Oreo's. The Kids did such a great job taking turns and really enjoyed helping cook.

We rolled the balls and started to dip them in chocolate, that's when we realized we are not Bakerella or The Pioneer Woman. They make it look so easy like anyone can make these cute pops. Ours turned out less then professional.... But they were way tasty and fun, so we may not be Bakerella but we are going to be enjoying their recipes in the future, if you want to see perfect cake creations check out their blogs.

Bruce and Sophie are WILD they are always running and wrestling they had a ton of fun sharing a chair during our cake making fun.

We made cute little clovers to go on top of the cakes... A lot harder then they look. Bruce, Hannah, and Wynnie all gave it a try and did a great job, maybe I'm just lacking in the cake decorating talent.

Maybe not just me, Kim thought it would be just as cute and allot easier to drizzle green chocolate over them, which worked great until she squeezed too hard and the bag broke...Maybe that is problem we used zip lock bags instead of real cake decorating bags. we had some cute clover's some not so cute, some way cute drizzled pops, and then one giant blob of green.

With food what matters the most is the taste and they were Delish

We went outside and played around on half a playground the kids made cute trains on the slide and had lots of fun playing in the dirt...Wynnie fell and ate some of the dirt, not nearly as tasty as the cake pops we made earlier. We cleaned her up and she was off again playing with all the kids.

Shane, our renter, got a new lizard and brought it out for the kids to all hold, he did this fun trick were Shane would rub his neck and but him on his back and he would stay their it was weird looking. Preston LOVED the lizard he held it and gave it kisses, I tried so hard to get a picture of him kissing the lizard but he was just too quick. Hannah held it, but all the other kids would only pet it. After we went in and had some yummy soup and rolls, then cleaned up alittle.

Monday, March 16, 2009

More Kite Flying Fun

For Family night tonight we went out and visited with GG and Papa. We hardly ever see them, or anyone besides Kim, now that Bob is so busy in his calling. Our kids miss them and were so excited to go out and see them. One of Bob's favorite memories as a child is his Dad's big trick kite, so of course we had to share that memory with the boys. There wasn't enough wind to fly the big kite but ALL the boys had fun flying the little ones.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Plane Museum

The preschool went to the Plane Museum today, it was so much fun.. I have never been, and I think I had as much fun as the kids. Kim made Bruce, Wynnie, and Sophie pose next to the toter, Bob keeps all his tools in one at work and Kim thought that would give him a good laugh, and it did.

Bruce LOVED all the planes, he kept talking about how his Dad fixes this one and that one, he is so proud of his Dad. Me Kim and Chrystine were the only family's that came, it was a good size group, I love to take pictures of Bruce and Lizzy, it is my dream that when they grow up they get married...I just LOVE her and her whole family they are the cutest.

They had the funnest little play area, the kids got to dress up like pilots and fly the air planes. All the kids had a ton of fun,

They got to play with all sorts of different airplane related toys, including Preston's new fav buzzy light year. I helped Bruce find a plane like the one his Daddy works on and he didn't want anything to do with the other planes. He wanted his Dad to come and play with him so bad, we for sure will have to plan another outing to come here when Bob doesn't have to work.

There was this really cute worker their who helped all the kids, fly a plane and balance a ping pong ball in the air with a blow dryer, Henry loved this he would cry if you tried to get him to put it down.
They all took turns riding in the little airplane they had... the kids loved all the hands on stuff, they all did so good sharing and listening. After we had snacks outside, it was really windy and cold so after snacks we went home, maybe if we go on a warmer day will check out all the planes they have outside too.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Frisbee Fun

We had a ton of fun throwing the frisbee around today, even if Bob is the only one who can catch it. Bruce and Preston laughed so had when they got to throw or "catch" it. We ran around the yard having a ton of fun then the boys got to be airplanes, thanks to their strong Daddy. I loved hearing them squeal in delight when it was their turn to spin around and around.

I love bed time, we all read stories in the living room, cuddle, then say our prayers and march upstairs brush teeth and get our pj on. I am not one who can ever stick to a schedule but I love our bedtime routine and we never miss, sometimes we read more stories and some time we hurry through a short one. I am so glad that we get to spent this time together.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Music Makers

Two super creative Mom's in our ward (Suzie McKeon, and Marnae Morgan) Stared a group called Music Makers we meet every Thursday. Our kids learn knew songs, they dance and play musical instruments. It is so much fun. Here are some fun pictures of the kids singing and dancing.

Preston LOVES music he loves to sing and dance. He is such a joy to our lives.. this video makes me laugh his little legs just move so fast and the rest of him is not so fast.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Crazy Utah Weather

We got a little snow today. It is crazy to think two days ago we were at the Union Station enjoying the nice spring weather and then BAM winter hits us again. We decided it would probably be the last good snow storm of the year so we snow suited up and had a big snow ball fight. Bruce thought it would be a great time to enjoy a nice winter snack, and every time he wasn't throwing a snow ball he was eating one.

Bob so didn't play fair, he hit me and the Boys, on more then one occasion, right in the face. He had a couple of time outs but eventually he learned to play fair.

After bob got a couple of body hits on Bruce, He let Bruce get him his poor little face was covered in snow. I guess that will teach him to play dirty.

Preston had a ton of fun running and throwing snow balls at his Brother. he is growing so fast I can hardly believe he can throw a snow ball back at Bruce. We keep hoping their will be at least one more storm like this before the season is over.... The Lake is sooo low.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

The Union Station

We went to the model train show at the union station today. We got to ride on this fun little train, I thought for sure I was going to break it but Preston wanted to ride but would stay on without me. Luckily it worked fine and I didn't have to stop eating completely because I broke a ride.

I love Bruce's smile he looks like he is having so much fun.

The model's were fun to look at I can't imagine how much time it take the to build these things, look at all the detail. Preston and Bruce had fun watching them drive their trains around the track. It was a mad house, their were so many people there, we lost Bruce for the scariest 5 min of my life, I am going to look into a leash, I don't think I have ever been so scared.
We ate lunch with some really nice people from Roy. The little boy (he was about 6) told us about how is cat climbed into the dryer and his Mom didn't know, so she turned on the dryer. He was in their for a couple of minutes, but is fine now.
Right before we left Preston grabbed my Chi, we put his hand under cold water, and he seemed fine...until we had been at the train station for almost an hour, then he started crying and whipping his hand on my shirt, we got him some ice then made our way out of the maze. He has two sad little blisters on his fingers, it make me so sad, I should have had it up higher, I really didn't think he could get to it...Sad lesson learned. Sometimes being a new Parent is the worst, things you should think about you just don't. Burn or no burn we still had a ton of fun playing with the trains.

Friday, March 6, 2009

The Great Salt Lake Marina

It wouldn't be a trip to Salt Lake without a little detour to our Favorite spot. Bruce and Preston had so much fun throwing rocks into the Lake.

We walked down to the actual Lake and stayed for all of 5 min, the wind was blowing and it got cold fast. Usually the GSL Marina doesn't smell like sulfur but the way the wind was blowing today it sure did, Bruce always makes us laugh when he smells "eggs."

I love this picture... I was walking back holding Bruce's hand when I looked down.. he is growing so fast, I know one day he'll stop holding me hand and that breaks my heart a little, at least I'll always have this picture.