Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Year's Eve

We had a BLAST this year!! My Mom and Dad rented some lanes at the bowling alley. Our Boys have never been bowling and they loved it...They were so cute in their tiny little shoes, they did so good taking turns and cheering each other on.

I haven't been bowling in years and I had a lot of fun, I was reminded of when my parents were on a bowling league and I would go some nights and watch them play. Bob and I talked about starting a league, I think it would be fun, but time and money are always a big factor. :)

The bowling went from 6 to 8 they had a fun little count down at 8 and we all gave a big cheer and some kisses. I think that was the perfect thing to do with the kids. They also had a limbo contest...and not to bragg but I almost won....the winner was just over 4 foot and I was the only grown up to make it to the last round, I once won a phone in junior high. The school had a contest during a dance, I wore heels and still won. I'm just saying I can go low. :)
After bowling we ran over to Dan and Laura's, saw the gang...Kurt and Jodi were in town yeah..We played game's ate some grub, and the kids had a ton of fun playing with each other, we just barely missed Meg and Karl which made us sad, we were looking forward to seeing them. we only stayed for an hour or so, then headed on to our next destination...Kim's house

WE played games and ate some yummy soup..I started hiving at Dan and Laura's so I took some Benedryl so I was pretty much asleep when midnight rolled around. WE had a great new years eve and hope that 2010 will rock for our family.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Morning

The Boys were so excited for Christmas this year...They came down the stairs and opened their stockings, They both LOVED their new friends, it took Preston a minute to realize his was a cat, OK a Minute and me saying MEOW, but then he loved it... He wants a cat so bad, I feel bad he will never have one, I need to breathe, we tried one once it lasted 5 days.

Bruce was such a good helper handing out presents and sharing the one's that Santa brought for both of them. My favorite was when Bruce opened the hat and scarf I had made for him, he had seen me making them, I had tried them on to make sure they were the right size, He knew he was getting them for Christmas...He acted surprized and sooo very excited when he took them out of the sack.
Preston was so sweet, he got so happy with each gift he opened.... I think that both of my boys would have been happy with anything as long as it was wrapped... all day they kept using the old wrapping paper and wrapping it around toys, taking turns opening them... They whole morning I couldn't stop smiling I LOVE MY LIFE.

We went to Bob's parents for breakfast, and to exchange gifts...The kids had so much fun playing with their cousins. They used one of the ribbons from a present and played Santa Clause...the kids at he front were reindeer's and the one on the back was Santa..It was the funnest thing to watch, they all played so good together and took turns. I love when they play like that.
Sophie wasn't feeling to good so Bob got a ton of cuddles out of her...WE have the cutest niece's and nephews. It was good to see everyone, Breakfast was so yummy. Mom and Dad got us a pressure cooker and a canning book I am so excited I really enjoy putting up our food and now we have the tools to do it and won't have to borrow any, yeah.

Next we went to my Mom and Dads.. They did the annual omelette's which were as always delicious. The kids had a ton of fun playing with the cousins and opening gifts. I got a waffle Iron I have been wanting for a couple years, I can't wait to use it.

I made my Grams a cute hat, Every time she sees me or Kim in ours she tells us that she wants one, so I decided to make her one. I thought she looked so cute in it. I am so glad that she live's with my parents, I love her so much and am glad that she is such a part of my kids life they love talking to her and giving her hugg-a-lov-as.

We all had so much fun just hanging out and laughing, My parents spoiled us all. Preston kept putting a box on his head and telling us to open him... He was my favorite present.

We went out and saw my Grandma Parent. All three of my boys had fun playing horse...they had me and Grandma laughing. She wasn't feeling very good so she had just stayed home that morning, she usually come's in to my Parents or goes to Shane's. We took her some soup and bread, I hope she had a good Christmas.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

While visions of sugarplums danced in their heads

We had a very FUN very BUSY Christmas Eve..We went and had lunch with Bob's fam, read story's acted out the saviors birth, and opened jammies... Then went and watched the life nativity, and had soup with my fam... It was all a lot of fun. when we got home we put out cookies for Santa then the boy's had a brother sleep over... they were so cute snuggled in bed together...and they were both so excited for Santa to come. He called to let the Boys know to get in bed cause he was on the way. when Bruce got on the phone the first thing he said was "Sorry Santa I've been naughty."

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Cookie at Grandma's

Grandma had all the kids over to make Santa cookies...WE had so much fun, rolling the dough, cut it, and above all EATING it. I have to say that I too gave in and ate some dough, and then some more, and a little more after that. My stomach hurts and I know a cyst is probably in my future, but it was tasty, way tasty. Cookie dough is a big weakness.
I loved watching all the kids concentrating on rolling out their dough, I saw a couple tongues being bite, a trait we all owe to my Dad, if he is focusing on something he is biting his tongue.
Bruce and Preston had so much fun. Bruce is so much like me, in so many ways, he loves cookie dough, every time I looked at him he was enjoying some of that Delicious stuff. Preston has such a sweet tooth But doesn't eat a ton of dough like me and Bruce.
Grandma great came out and helped the kids they all flocked over to her and enjoyed having her help them make the cookies.

We all had a great time... Santa is sure in for a treat tomorrow when he stops in to each house and gets to enjoy all the beautiful sugar cookie the kids made.

Monday, December 21, 2009

The Creature in the Basement

I LOVE our renters.... They are the BEST.. Keith called us late last night, the phone was charging so we didn't get it till this morning. He saw a lizard in the basement, yes a lizard. He had gotten up in the middle of the night to get a drink and same something scurry behind his hamper. He thought it was a mouse because he just saw the tail...When he moved to hamper he was startled to see and lizard staring up at him. He left the room, shuffed a towel under the door, and spent the night in the living room. When Bob got home they caught this little creature, I of coarse wanted to keep him and Bob wanted to find it a home. Keith had a friend who already had all the stuff for the lizard so they took him and named him pluto. I am amazed that it has lived in the basement for 6 month without a proper set up.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Henderson Christmas Party

My fam's meet at the church a little before the Party started to set up...We found a great surprise in the kitchen, the crock pots full of meat juice from the Ward Christmas party a week ago...It smelled like death. My Hubbs is a great man, I'm so glad he took care of them, I don't think I could have stomached it, could you imagine if I throw-up, that has been my biggest fear with this surgery. We all enjoyed each others company.. It was good to see some of the Fam that we don't get to see as often as others. I know It lifted my Grams spirits, she has been so sad since my Gramps passing. I have been going out 3 times a week and helping to bath her and get her ready, I am so grateful for this opportunity to serve her, she has always been there for me and it feels good to be their for her. She talks a lot about Gramps, I am so grateful for the knowledge we have the next life, it brings us both comfort.

I love remembering all the tradition's I enjoyed as a child and watching my own kids enjoy the same things.. For as look as I can remember we've acted out the birth of our savior.Ican still remeber being Mary. Time really does fly. Bruce was a Shepard and Preston went through a bunch of costume changes before he settle on being a lamb. We opened gifts, ate some yummy food, decorated ordaments, tied a quilt made of gramps' jammies, and played some basketball. I left a bit early because my face started to hurt a bit, my Mom was sweet enough to help with the kids and bring them home.

The Truck

Bob ran home during lunch to get the truck so he could bring his cool new invention home...He was cruising along Parker drive so he could stop in for a kiss (I was at my Mom's getting Grams ready) when his wheel popped off. He said he saw it bouncing off in front of him while he gripped tight to the steering wheel. I have always hated this truck....Really the weirdest things break on it...Who ever has a wheel just fall off? The Joy of owning a truck that hates you.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

I survived surgery, it was one of the easier surgery's and other then the blood draining down my throat I'm doing great. They were only able to get 60% of the cyst out of my sinus, because it was in a hard to get to location, but they stretched open my upper and lower tubes so they think it should all drain out. I have to wear a piece of gauze under my kind of freaked Bruce out but Preston didn't even seem to notice. I have had a really hard time sleeping. Bob has been so good to me, I have to sleep in a recliner for the next little bit. I hate not sleeping by Bob, so he held my hand, and read me story's until I got sleepy. I woke up every 2 hours, and had to drink something, breathing out of your mouth is so rough on your throat.. I am pretty sure I will be back to normal in a couple days...yeah

Monday, December 14, 2009

Dinosaur Park

Our dear friend Anne got us a pass to the Dinosaur Park last year for Christmas, the boys LOVE going there, Bob and I thought it would be a great idea to let them go see the museum and play outside in the fresh air a bit. I could stay home and rest and they could get out and enjoy the fresh air and run around, hopefully come home tired and happy. They had a great time. Their is a pond with big trout that you can feed, and my cute little fishermen really wanted to catch them, they even asked a work if they could. I am so glad that they are such good friends.

I'm headed off to have surgery....I'm a bit nervous , I've been up since 3:00 doing all sorts of crazy stuff, scrubbing the kitchen, cleaning pooh off of Bruce's shoes that's been there for months but today it's bugging, I ironed my pajama's....I've just been working off nervous energy... It's a good thing the time is finally here and I can quit being CRAZY. I wanted to get all caught up before I went in I'm in the middle of the Thanksgiving post....maybe I'll get time to post everything in the next couple days :)

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Snowball Fight

We had a big storm today.. Kim and Jeremy started a snowball fight and all the kids joined in. I was happy to take picture's and watch, it was cold out.

They all had fun running and getting each other. They would go out for a couple minutes and then run in and get warm, then go back out for some more fun.

Ward Christmas Party

We had our ward Christmas Party tonight. they did it different then in years past, they had tents set up and we came dressed and Shepard's and enjoyed cheese, fruit, veggies, and meat. My boys were such cute Shepard's, they even kept their costumes on for a couple minutes.

We ate food and listened to the choir.. I love listening to my honey sing, he has such a great voice. The kids made a huge pile of the costumes, then laid on them like a bean bag, they used some for blankets and just laid back and enjoyed the show.

The Primary sang some songs as well. I can't believe how big Bruce is, he isn't even scared to go up anymore, and he sings the words he knows with such a strong voice. Preston can't wait to be big like Bruce ,he kept asking for his turn, and as soon as the kids were done he ran up on stage and sang a little song. He stayed there durning the closing prayer it was so cute to watch him fold his arms and bow his head until the prayer was over.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Christmas Village

It was soo very cold tonight, but I really wanted to go walk through Christmas Village before my surgery so we put on our warm clothes, bundled up and went to see the lights. The Boys loved running from house to house, seeing all the fun decorations. They LOVED the ones with trains, we stayed at those house allot longer then the rest.

We posed for our annual picture under the Ogden sign and stopped by to look at the nativity and share our testimony's with the boys. This year that was a bit harder then in previous years the boys really wanted to go and touch the statues and kept sneaking under the rope. We stood in line forever and froze a bit but we finally got to see Santa. Bruce ran up and sat on his lap and told him he wanted a train set. Preston not a Santa fan yet and cried when I sat on his lap. As we left the house were Santa was we saw a man telling people about hot chocolate and cookie, he was wearing a red shirt and had a white beard. Bruce marched right up to him, and asked are you Santa too. I love this age Christmas is so magical for my boys, they love it.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Zoo lights

We went with my family to see the Zoo lights. Payton and Birkley were sick so Holly stayed home and Evrett and Brewer went down with my Mom and Kim. It was super cold. the lights were really fun to look at. When you first walked in they were selling glasses that turned the lights into snowflake, Kim and I didn't hear the part about them costing anything so we kind of stole them. Good thing our Mom was there to keep us honest..

My Mom was so sweet and treated us all to a ride on the new merry go round. The kids loved it. I had Spencer and he was so funny, He would started screaming like he hated it then you would look at his face and he had the biggest smile. The whole way through the Zoo he would scream and we would all just laugh. We saw all the animals in the reptile house..It was feeding time and Bruce now things the Zoo keepers are mean for killing mice. Preston loved all the cute furry things, and Bruce of course loved the snakes and lizards. We also got to see the cats. You could she the mom with her three baby's, you could only see them faintly because it was so dark, and we saw the lynx while we were in the house Esther was crawling on the floor the lynx really took an interest in her and started pawing at the glass and trying to get her. Not mean, just curious.
We left the house and went up to see the tigers, we were gone for maybe 5 minutes when we noticed that our Wynnie wasn't with the group. We looked all over. I gathered all the kids in the house with me so all the other grownup's could go looking. The kids and I said a little prayer, It was so scary you just start thinking the worse. She had stayed in the house, when we all left to go see the tigers, and a zoo keeper found her and took her to their main building when you first walk in. It took us like 10 min to find her, the scariest 10 min ever. I am so grateful that she was just lost and not stolen. Up until the end we all had a great time. The kids were all a little sad that we didn't get to see the baby elephant, or the baby giraffe. But we promised them we'd go back in the spring, when it's light and warm outside.

Making Steven Cookies

Our friend Steven Broke his finger and had to have pins put in.. He looked pretty miserable so we all decided to make him cookies. The kids had so much fun its been awhile since we've made cookies. Not eating sugar makes it hard to want to bake anything with sugar. The kids loved take turns stirring and enjoyed my favorite part...eating the batter.

After we finished the cookies the kids all played Bruce and Preston's new favorite game, Christmas. They take turns tucking each other in bed and telling each other good night, then one lucky kids pretends to be Santa and leave toys under the tree.. We play this game all the time it was fun to have the Peterson's over to play too.Bob put all the finishing touched on our house... My reindeer wouldn't light up but they are out there in the front yard red bows and all.. We are going to try and figure them out in the spring when its warm and we can do it outside. Bruce isn't a big fan of our house, or our tree. He really wants colored lights, so next year we are saying goodbye to our white Christmas and Hello to some fun bright colors.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

temple square

We went down to Temple Square to see the lights, we rode front runner down and then took tracks around Salt Lake. The boys loved riding the train, we saw a ton of different animals and lots of big trucks. We got to Temple Square and went and listened to a choirs sing the boys loved the music. Then we went and watched a show about family's with some nice Sister Missionary's. Bruce was very shocked that their were girl Missionary's. They were both really cute during the show and loved talking to the missionary's. We listened to the story of the birth of Jesus then walked around and saw all the different Nativity's form around the world. Bruce calls them Bethlehem's and loved looking at all the different ones.

We went in one of the building to get warm, it was really cold, they had some fun computer games that the boys played with for a bit.. Then Preston got mad, he wanted to take of his coat, and throw a fun little tantrum, He laid on the floor kicking and screaming , and I just laughed it looked so funny. Him in his stiff coat rolling around. Bob tried to calm him down but he was mad for a while. When we took him to pet the horses that seemed to help him fell better about life.

We kept missing tracks and had to Wait for another one, which was cold. But the boys had fun looking at all the new sights all around them. I didn't so much like riding on tracks, it smelled funny and most of the people were crappy. Bob got yelled at by some guy for taking pictures of us, I guess the flash was hurting his eyes. Sometimes people bug. We took pictures anyways.

We ate at Rumbi it was really good, and I think it was even food we can eat yeah. The boys gave chop sticks a try and told us all about Kung Fu Panda, they dances to the music and had a fun time. This is my new favorite place's to eat... We will definitely be coming back. The ride home was really noisy Bruce wanted to sit on a lower level so we unknowingly sat right by the wheels, the noises were a bit scary at times but we made it home safe and sound. Preston even managed to fall asleep in my arms.