Monday, September 6, 2010

Crawdad fishing

Bruce, Nelson, Aston, Joe, and James caught some crawdads when we went sailing on sat. The plan was to cook them up on Sunday and have some crawdad pizza. They all died before church was over so we promised our heart broke son we would go get some more on Monday. We headed up to Causey and got a couple but the slope of the shore made it scary with the boys. So we stayed for a hour or so then headed home to get Nelson and Lizzie, and the pass to Willard.

We had lots of fun catching them, Nelson even found a big frog but it got away before we could snap a picture. I was so scared to eat the little guys but they actually were pretty tasty. Bob wants to make a trap so it's easier to catch them. Then we had a family home evening on Friend and how to be a good friend. Then went over to the Rimmasch's and enjoyed some snow cone with them and the Riches. We are so lucky to have good friends in our lives.

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