Friday, September 3, 2010


We had a blast sailing at Willard Bay..It wasn't as pretty as Bear Lake but it was way relaxing and enjoyable, I think we are going to put in for the lottery and hopefully will be docked here next year. The boys and I played on the shore while my Dad and Bob got the boat all ready. It takes about a hour and half to get it all ready when it's not docked, but we really wanted to try different Lakes and see which one would be the best for us.

After they did all the work getting her ready, and the boys and I played it was time to head out and catch some wind. We had a good strong breeze and enjoyed the cruising around on the Lake. I think my Dad and I will always Love The Great Salt Lake, the smell of the salt just reminds us of the ocean, and the scenery is amazing but Willard was fun, I Loved the fact that I could swim in it with out felling all nasty, it's so close, and the bugs aren't bad until the sun goes down. We had talked about spending the night on the water, but I had to pick up our basket at 7 so we decided to take it out and leave it their over night and head back out on sat.

The boys had a great time and are getting really good and walking around on the boat. They love sailing and talk about it all the time. The sunset was so beautiful as we were heading in of the Lake.

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